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Work work work

That is pretty much my life. I just started at Lane Bryant and I'm still transitioning into all of the work that I have for my classes. Fortunately I am meeting and getting along with a lot of people, so I'm happy. I am not nearly as lonely as I was my first week here, but I'm still working on that.

It turns out I hit a snag with my enrollment at GSPIA. Apparently my enrollment forms, deposit, and scholarship acceptance form weren't enough for them to consider me a student (all of my classes this semester are at the school of social work), so I have to go in and see what is up with that. Hopefully this confusion hasn't lost me my scholarship. If it did though... I just wont go and I'll finish in two years instead of three. I would prefer an MPA over an MSW if I'm only able to get the one, but we'll see what ends up happening.

Life is pretty great. I am completely broke and insanely busy, but I have some really great conversations with other students in the evening, and just being around people who completely understand my passion is worth every moment. I do feel a little restless, and I think that is because I'm missing someone while I'm here. I don't think I'm going to settle down in Pittsburgh, but it is nice for now.

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