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So this is grad school

I had orientation last week and this week I started my first semester as a grad student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. Though I am in a dual-degree program, my first year is completely social work. I can't say that I am upset by this. I think that the social work curriculum is a little less academically challenging than the Public Policy and Management curriculum will be (boo econ). So far I am really enjoying my experience in Pittsburgh.

I wake up each morning around 7 or 8 and read for class for a couple of hours. I make lunch in my amazing kitchen (anything is amazing compared to the kitchenette I had last year) and watch a little bit of the Barefoot Contessa. Oh man I hate that show but I watch it anyway because I'm a dweeb. After a little bit of additional reading I pack my bookbag (so highschool) and walk a little less than a mile to my bus stop. I ride the bus with the Carnegie Mellon kids and think about how much debt I would have if I had decided to go there instead. Wander around Oakland for awhile before heading to class. Catch the bus back home. The end.

Now I am trying to read some more and maintain my relationship with the boy. I'm crossing my fingers.

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