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I like to do these every year

2009 In The Beginning...
Where did you ring in the New Year? At Derek's and then my brother's apartment.
Who were you with? My brother and a whole bunch of other people.
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? Nope.
Did you make any resolutions? Yes. I resolved to lose weight and take better care of myself.
If so did you keep them? Yeah, I've lost a little bit of weight, and I finally have health insurance, which is pretty cool.

2009 Your Love Life
Single/Taken? M heart has been unavailable since March.
How many relationships did you have? One.
How many break ups? None.
How many people did you kiss? Only one who matters. :)

2009 Friends and Enemies
Did you meet any new friends this year? Yeah. I have a few decent new friends from work and school.
Did any of your friendships end? I don't think so.
Did you dislike anyone? Yes, but I'm working on it.
Did you get into any fights? Nope.
Did you make any new enemies? No.
Did you resolve any fights? I didn't fight, so no.

2009 The Holidays!
Did you have a Valentine? Yep! I spent Valentine's with Nic.
Did the Easter bunny visit you? I don't think so.
Did watch fireworks on the 4th of July? At Westminster's annual show, of course.
Did you dress up for Halloween? Not this year.
What did you do for Thanksgiving? Stayed at my mom's house.
Did you make a list of gifts for the holidays? My mom forces me to every year.
Did you receive what you wanted? Yep-I finally have a slow cooker and a sewing machine!
Were you good this holiday season? Yes.

2009 Your Birthday!
How old did you turn? 23. I'm getting old.
Did you have a cake? No, but my favorite person made amazing peanut butter fudge for me.
What did you do for your birthday? Dinner party with some friends, and then the Penguins won the Stanley Cup for me.
Did you have a party? Not exactly.
Did you get any presents? A beautiful scarf, Once, a George Foreman, and several people fought to pay for my dinner at Olive Garden.

2009 The Memories and Accomplishments!
Funniest Memory? I don't think I did anything outrageously funny, but I spent a lot of time laughing and having fun.
Saddest Memory? Nothing catastrophic... I cried and stressed a lot about uncertainty though.
Most Embarrassing Memory? I have a new one every week.
Best Accomplishment? I finished my second term in AmeriCorps, and I was accepted to three highly ranked graduate programs.

Favorite TV shows? House and The Office... also West Wing more recently
Favorite songs? Eh, I'm on a Michael Buble kick, but have been rocking out to Brittany and BEP for most of the year.
Favorite food? Pesto pasta
Favorite stores? Not Lane Bryant... heh.
Favorite restaurants? Chez Bethany et Ken?

2009 All about YOU
Did you change at all this year? I think so.
Did you dye your hair? Darker brown.
Did you get your hair cut? Yep. Two (new) different styles, but it is back to the same old thang. Longest it has been in awhile.
Did you change your style? Thanks to my store discount I have added a couple of new things, but no style changes really.
Were you in school? My first semester of grad school. 3 to go!
Did you have a job? Three of them, plus an internship. I'm ambitious.
Did you drive? Yes
Did you own a car? Almost... haha. I just sent in payment #18. I'll own it in a couple of years.
Did you lose anyone this year? No.
Did anyone close to you give birth? Nope
Did you move at all? Into my very first real apartment with one of my best friends.
Did you go on any vacations? I went to Chicago with some pals, and spent some time "vacationing" in Bradford.
Did you leave the country at all? Nope
Would you change anything about yourself now? I'm trying to be more vocal and less of a push over.

2009 Wrap Up
Was 2009 a good year? Best yet.
Do you have any regrets? I do and I don't. Maybe I should have done things differently, but I like where I am right now.
Did 2009 bring any new insights? Some.
Do you think 2010 will top 2009? Can it get better than this?
Do you have any goals for 2010? Stay in school, get another 4.0. :)
If you could relive any moment which would you choose? None. I have my memories, and I'm excited to see what the future brings.
If you could forget any moment what would it be? Finals.
Do you wish 2009 wouldn't end? No.
Who did you kiss at midnight? We actually missed midnight because everyone was commenting about how horrible it would be in Times Square.


[P E O P L E]
1. Best friend? All of them!
2. Lost any friends? Nope.
3. Gained any friends? Yes.
4. Met a new good friend? Yes - my classmates and coworkers are pretty cool.

[P L A C E S]
1. Went out of the country? Nope
2. Moved? To Squirrel Hill.
3. New school? PITT!
4. How many times on an airplane? Four. Gross.
5. Road trips? Chicago!

[Y O U]
1. Have you changed? Loads
2. New look? Bangs!
3. Any new addictions? Iced coffee
4. Biggest conflict this year? My workaholic tendancies.
5. Most depressed time this year? Being alone on campus over the summer was wretched.

[L O V E]
1. Did you fall in love? That is private.
2. Who was your summer love? ;-)
3. How many boyfriends/girlfriends this year? Un copain
4. Biggest crush? Oh he's a hottie with a body.

[S E A S O N]
1. Favorite Season? Probably fall.
3. Good birthday? Yep!
4. Any snow this year? I was snowed in a couple of times.
5. Highest temperature? I didn't really pay attention.

[F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S]
1. Snuck out – I don't really need to sneak out anymore.
2. Met a person who will change your life – No. I became closer to a person I think might do that.
3. Kept your resolution – Yes
4. Had a first something – Yep
5. Drank Alcohol – Yes.
6. Smoked weed/drugs – Nope.
7. Did anything illegal – Nothing major.
8. Kissed someone – Yes.
9. Liked someone who didn't like you – I lucked out this time. :-D
10. Favorites of the year – Trying new things.
11. Changed your view on things – In many different areas, yes.

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