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I want to go homeeeeeeee

I have been in Bradford for the past two weeks, and I don't get to go home until next weekend. I had a month between my work end date and my school start date, so of course I decided a vacation was not in order, and I came to Bradford to earn some extra cash in a factory job. This has not been fun. I don't feel as though 7.25 an hour is a good enough return on my time investment at the factory. I am so thankful I'll have two graduate degrees so I (hopefully) wont be stuck in a dead end job like this.

I will not lie, it has been really great to see my family. I have not had very much time to spend with friends though. After working 9 hour days at the factory, I'm exhausted when I come home from work. All I have the energy for is dinner and then passing out. I think I've been online maybe a half dozen times since I've been in Bradford. Is it a problem when you're too tired to facebook?

This next week I'm going to try to contact my friends who are still in the area and maybe arrange some sort of get together. I saw surprisingly few of them at the Italian Festival this weekend. Maybe my visits with friends will get me through the next 5 days of work. Then I get to spend a glorious week with my boy in Pittsburgh, before we both head back to school.

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