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I met the parents!

I went to the boy's house on Friday night and had dinner with him and his parents. I was incredibly nervous leading up to dinner, but I think that it went really well. His mother is nice but quiet, so we didn't really get to talk much. His dad is very talkative, and we had some decent conversation, I think. He told me that I am always welcome in their home, and that he thinks his boy is a good judge of character. :-) I don't know if that was explicitely meant as a compliment, but I took it as such.

It was such a great evening! The fellow made shrimp alfredo with past that was shaped like little hearts (the last remaining food that he has from France, which he said he was saving for a special occaision). His mother made amazing strawberry shortcake for dessert, and we all sat and talked for awhile. Finally the boy started pulling on my arm and asking if I was ready to go - we had been there for three hours and I hadn't even noticed the time. I am taking that as a sign that things went well. At least I had a good time, and I know the boy did. He says that his parents would be crazy not to like me.

Next weekend my mother, grandmother, and cousin Dylan are coming down for the holiday weekend, and the boy is going to be visiting me as well. It's his turn to worry all week about meeting my family. ;-) I don't think he has anything to worry about though. My mom has loved every single one of my friends, so there's no way she wont love and approve of him.

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